Casey Parker – Business Communication / Psychology

Name: Casey Parker
Hometown: Framingham, MA
Major/Minor: Business Communication/Psychology
Internship Sponsor: The Castle GroupCasey Parker

As The Castle Group Public Relations Intern, I played a vital role in the day-to-day responsibilities. I did everything from sitting in and listening to business meetings to answering phone calls, collecting and searching media alerts, developing news clips, organizing the office library, updating media kit lists, and collecting data into spreadsheets. I also participated in office holiday party and creativity project. We were giving a product and we had to make a “thing” out of it and give a formal presentation on our invention. I developed a shopping bag with a winter theme with the Castle logo on it. You can see pictures of creations at the

My experience at The Castle Group has been very fulfilling. This internship has taught me a lot about the working world. Working in public relations has given me a valuable opportunity to utilize and expand my professionalism. It has helped me to improve my professional writing and verbal communication skills. It has taught me valuable networking skills which I will continue to expand throughout my career. I am grateful for this internship opportunity and now feel more confident as I step into the real world.

Danielle Flavin – General Business & Marketing

Name: Danielle Flavin
Hometown, Grafton, Massachusetts
Major: General Business
Minor: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Director of Graduate and Professional StudiesDanielle Flavin

As an intern in the GPS Department at Nichols College my primary responsibilities include: Researching and analyzing opportunities to strengthen the differentiation of our program. Plan and coordinate events such as panel information sessions to aid in marketing the program to ambitious adult learners. Generate and edit content for the monthly email newsletters sent on behalf of the department. Perform clerical duties on a daily basis, and assist in maintaining contact between prospective students through various mailings.

Although I have only been interning for this department less than a semester, I have learned numerous skills that will be applicable to my future career. I recently transferred to the GPS department from the Alumni Relations Office on campus. Through the previous internship, I gained substantial knowledge in time management and the responsibility of delegating tasks. On a daily basis, there are small duties that require fulfillment; however, simultaneously there are also larger, long-term research projects that have deadlines as well. For instance, the other day we had two large-scale projects in front of us, both with end of week deadlines. Although one was more important than the other, both had to be completed. At this point, I had to determine when and which projects would be worked on. My reasoning was based upon the schedule and when we would have the most availability from work-study students. Come Thursday, we had all of the mailings complete and in the Post Office allowing us time to finalize the Newsletter on Friday so it could be sent out Monday, the first of the month.

Jennifer Williamson – General Business

Name: Jennifer Williamson
Hometown: Spencer, MA
Major: General Business
Internship Sponsor: Nichols College Office of Career Services
Jennifer Williamson

As Executive Intern, and previously Marketing Intern, at the Nichols College Office of Career Services, my responsibilities include: working cooperatively with fellow staff members to coordinate and implement multiple events, such as a women’s event and the Annual Career Fair; creating and distributing promotional materials and taking responsibility for the marketing activities of each event; leading a team of two interns; researching and gathering information; composing monthly newsletters that are sent to day, evening, and MBA students; assisting staff with various projects and office initiatives; and maintaining positive relationships with other departments on campus, local businesses, and recruiters visiting Nichols College.

This internship has given me the opportunity to transfer knowledge from the classroom to a real-world experience and continuously develop new skills every time I “clock in.” The Office is small with a friendly staff that has been helpful and committed to providing me with a great learning experience; I have always been respected and treated as an employee.

I am given autonomy in my position, and I am able to take initiative on many different things such as designing brochures or flyers, and I have learned to use different computer applications which I can highlight in my resume. While I was Executive Intern, I also managed two interns with whom I worked to plan and implement pre-Career Fair events that involved students and raised awareness for the fair; the events were very successful.

My network has easily grown threefold with the many professional contacts I have made, and I was able to enhance my organization, teamwork, leadership, and written and verbal communication skills. The relationships I have made will benefit me long after my internship has ended. I feel confident going about my job search and the interview process, since I have gained so much hands-on experience and knowledge that I could not have learned off of a chalkboard or from a textbook.

Rich Walters – Marketing & Business Communications

Name: Rich Walters
Hometown: Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania
Major: Marketing & Business Communication
Internship sponsor: Dermavance Pharmaceuticals

The summer internship involved in aspects of Global Marketing including being responsible and accountable for specific tactical projects as well as strategic discussions and analytical projects. The opportunity would include working with a cross-functional team (Core Product Team) to participate in the discussions, commercial assessments and planning for specific products.

In this internship I worked directly with the President & CEO, the Director of Marketing, and COO. In this role I had the opportunity to participate in internal discussions with fellow team members. Within these teams I played a role in the development of their newest product Arnika Forte, which is an oral supplement that helps with flesh contusions or bruises. I also conducted financial analysis’ on said product to develop a pricing strategy that will make us the largest profit while competing with competitors prices’. Later within the internship I later presented to the President & CEO, the Director of Marketing & Sales, and the Director of Operations about their newest product Arnika Forte. In this presentation I developed forecasting models, strategic and tactical reviews, as well as design a marketing campaign for the product. I also helped create a website for their product to educate people about bruising, the causes of bruising, etc. thus giving us a direct link to the consumer and our product.

Mike Seiger – Business Communications

Name: Mike Seiger
Hometown: Pittsfield, MA
Major: Business Communications
Internship Sponsor: Charter TV3 Mike Seiger

Assist and help produce sporting events varying from Division 1 NCAA Basketball, High School basketball/hockey, and Worcester Sharks games. Tasks include helping set up all equipment used for broadcasting the events, operating a camera, and assisting with various tasks during the game. Tasks also include the documentation of games in order to produce highlights for the 10:30p.m sports.

Through working with the crew at Charter TV3 I have been able to learn the ins and outs of the production of sporting events, and gained a lot of knowledge on how all the equipment works. The experience has also given me insight on how the operation of a regular newscast works. Doing the internship with Charter TV3 has also helped me to create different networks that have helped me develop my skills and improve my resume for my professional career. I would recommend this business for an internship to anyone seeking knowledge of sports broadcasting and how it works.